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A healthier life


Welcome to Akiva Therapies

Akiva Therapies is a health and well-being clinic located in the heart of Milton Village, on Croobyar Road.

Our therapist, Michelle Akiva has extensive experience working in the natural health industry. Michelle is a qualified practitioner in Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine and can offer expert advice to assist in your journey towards a realistic healthier life. Michelle is also an experienced massage therapist who specializes in remedial massage, hot stone massage and lymphatic drainage.


Nutritional and Herbal Medicine

Michelle holds advanced diplomas in Nutritional Medicine and Herbal Medicine from Nature Care College, Sydney. Michelle integrates conventional health sciences with a range of natural therapies and traditional medicines. By taking a thorough case study of your eating habits, overall health and lifestyle, Michelle can provide you with a program to cater for your specific needs. Michelle can even provide you with quick, easy and healthy (and delicious!) recipes, specifically designed to improve your health without losing out on taste.

In conjunction with nutritional advice, Michelle can also offer you a unique herbal medicine treatment to help repair and restore your body’s natural balance. Herbal Medicine works a variety of ways by using natural plant extracts to treat specific ailments, support body systems, and can also act as a preventative medicine. A Herbal and Nutritional consultation at Akiva Therapies will help you start (or continue) on your journey to a greater state of wellbeing for your body and mind.

Michelle has worked at the U-Clinic in Sydney with renowned doctor and naturopath, Professor Kerryn Phelps. This experience has helped her formulate an holistic approach to nutritional and herbal medicine which is totally focused on the your needs.


Remedial Massage and Hot Stone Therapy

Michelle is an experienced massage therapist whose technique incorporates remedial massage and hot stone therapy and other massage styles in which Michelle has trained, such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release and sports massage. A massage consultation with Michelle will leave your body and mind relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated.


Lymphatic Drainage

Michelle has an advanced diploma in lymphatic drainage from Nature Care College and has spent 2 years working as an accredited lymphatic therapist the physiotherapy department at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Sydney.

Lymphatic drainage works with the body’s lymphatic system, which moves fluid throughout the body just below the skin’s surface. Lymphatic drainage therapy is most often used in the treatment of fluid retention (lymphoedema) following surgery and cancer treatment but can also be used to assist in detoxification by supporting the removal of toxins from the body through the lymphatic system.